Digitory Legal is an award-winning cost analytics
platform bringing data-driven pricing and cost prediction to law. 


The Challenge

For years lawyers and clients have been frustrated by the poor quality of billing data and the difficulty of using that data to create innovative and accurate fee proposals.

Poorly scoped and inaccurate budgets and fee structures lead to cost overruns, write-offs and tension between lawyers and clients.


The Solution

We solve these problems by delivering actionable data (accurately coded, task-level and connected to context) for scoping, pricing and matter management.

Our data analytics and managed services deliver profitable outcomes for law firms aligned with quality legal services for clients.


The Results

Unprecedented cost transparency and fee predictability means fairer fee arrangements that reduce legal spend and maintain profitability.

Our platform and services prevent unprofitable and over-budget engagements, saving law firms large write-offs while meeting clients' business needs.

Digitory Legal is proud to be a certified women-owned business.